Is it a cheaper option to extend rather than move?

In general the answer is “Yes”, when you take into account all the costs of moving (i.e. selling fees, re-establishment and government fees, stamp duty etc.).  However this assessment can be complex and depends on the extent of the renovation , the space available, the desired look and feel of the finished product, how happy you are with your current location and many other factors.

We can help you reach the right answer.

Feel free to contact us, even if you think that moving is your most likely option.


Will my new addition “fit it” with my existing home?

Russell Brooks Building prides itself on being able to construct additions and extensions that blend in flawlessly and immaculately with your current building.


How long will the project take?

The time period of completing a job varies depending on the size and scope of the project. Russell Brooks Building ensures high levels of efficiency in completing each stage of a job and we strive to meet deadlines.


Do you handle everything, or are there some things I need to do?

This is completely up to the needs and wants of the client. We can work together every step of the way or we can handle every stage of the process. However, a final decision on finishes and fittings is generally done by the client.


Do I need to move out while construction takes place?

This is not always necessary as Russell Brooks Building can work around you by isolating selected areas at a time during the construction process.


Who handles council and other approvals and building insurance?

Russell Brooks Building takes care of all council approvals and building insurance.


When can we start?

Once the building license has been approved, site works usually commence within 4 weeks.

However if you need it done faster we can plan that with you too.


Before and after shots for a recent project.  A total transformation achieved for a minimal cost.

Quorn Street - After
Russell Brooks Building

Russell Brooks Building